‚ÄčIn order to legally keep honey bees in Louisiana there are few simple requirements. The information here is not to discourage anyone from keeping bees, but rather to encourage you to become a registered beekeeper in Louisiana. It is a simple process and the Louisiana Beekeepers Association (LBA) encourages and will support anyone who wants to become a registered Louisiana beekeeper! For a brief walk though of the process you can contact any Board Member, or visit the Local Clubs page and see if there is club near you. Also, please support those who support the LBA.

  1. Check with you local city ordinance before acquiring any honey bees. In just a few areas in the state it is not legal to have bees. If it is not legal in your area get with a friend who lives in an area where it is legal. People do this all the time and still enjoy their bees.
  2. You must register your bees with the Department of Agriculture & Forestry. This is not complicated. Click here to view a printable form

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