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For this beekeeper, your BBB editor, the 2017 summer honey flow has been rather lackluster.

As mentioned in the last BBB, “CENLA had rains every week and I’m sure there were some low areas that flooded.”  Since June, the weekly rains have continued and this month we had tropical storm Harvey visiting us with rain every day.  Prior to Harvey I’d checked my hives and found that the bees, though foraging and bringing in honey, appeared to be consuming as much as they brought in.  What this means is that the fall harvest looks to be pretty slim.  In addition, the fall harvest might take place later than expected unless the apiaries dry out in early September.

I harvested this last weekend and from 11 hives I managed 20 gallons of honey.  This was the worst fall harvest I’ve had in 17 years!  Others in the CENLA Bee Club report similar lack-luster returns from their hives.    

The Annual Convention Committee has also been busy planning the 2017 convention for this December and we are already making plans for 2018. This year’s convention is to be held in Pineville, Louisiana with the 2018 convention to be held in the Lake Charles area. I will present more on this following the Baton Rouge Field Day in October.

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