Buy Louisiana Honey

There are several reasons why Louisiana Honey should be the sweetener of choice.  Louisiana honey is a pure, natural, wholesome food product, the only un-manufactured sweet readily available.  It is man’s first sweetener as evidenced by references made in earliest records of many countries.

Louisiana Honey is easy to find in grocery stores, farmers markets, health food stores, local fruit stands or your local beekeeper.  Honey is sweet, fat free and healthy to eat.  It has a wide array of vitamins, essential minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  Honey also contains several compounds that function as antioxidants, which help make Honey a truly healthful food.

It requires no digestive changes before being absorbed into the blood stream; it is often used as a quick energy food by many participating in vigorous exercises.  It is natures germ killer, as germs cannot survive in honey.

The color and flavor of honey depends on the flowers from which bees gather the nectar.  It comes in a wide range of colors from water white through different shades of amber to dark amber.  The flavor depends also on the kind of flowers from which bees gather the nectar.  A hive of honeybees must tap 200,000 flowers and travel over 55,000 miles to gather enough nectar to produce just one pound of honey.  In fact, a worker honeybee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, making honey a truly precious natural commodity

The honeybee is the world’s most beneficial insect, and it is also Louisiana’s state insect.  The remarkable and productive honeybee is the center of an active industry throughout the state. Over one third of the food we eat depends on honeybee pollination.

Name Phone Number  Contact City/Town
David Ferguson: Apiary Gold Honey, LLC 225-726-1664 Central
Robert G Taylor: Ponchatoula’s Best 985-969-4647 Ponchatoula
Bobby Frierson 225-241-6132 Denham Springs
Tim Haley 318-419-7270 Pineville
John & Sharon Hebert 337-937-6722 Erath
Harper’s Honey Farm 337-298-6261 Carencro
Steve Bernard 337-228-7535 Breaux Bridge
William Hummer 318-742-3541 Hummer and Son Honey Farm Bossier City
Julian Laine Jr. 504-858-3525 Talisheek
Wesley Card: Evergreen Honey Co. 800-204-3650 1103 C.M. Davis Road Jennings, 70546
 Wesley Card: Evergreen Honey Co. 800-204-3650 1062 Hwy.1176 Bunkie, 71322