November’s Ramblings of a Bee Bumbler, from your president

First off I would like to thank the USDA Honeybee Research Staff and Dr. Bob Danka long with the LBA board members and LBA members for another successful Annual Field Day. The attendance was just under 200 people that came out to learn about the honey bee, the current research that the bee lab is involved in and just spending the day with fellow beekeepers. The lunch provided was awesome as well. Again, THANKS to all that helped and participated.

Next on the agenda for the LBA is our annual convention being held in Pineville, Louisiana. This year’s Convention dates are November 30 -December 2. There will be a couple of new offerings this year as well as the group sessions on Thursday and Friday with breakout sessions on Saturday. Thursday is a half day specifically geared to the commercial beekeepers with a cash bar social that evening. Saturday morning there will be a time for the kids to learn about bees with hands on activities for them to enjoy. You can find all the information related to the day’s events on the LBA website. Early registration, which includes a cost savings ends November 20th. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new friends there.

Although the fall honey crop varied across the state, honey prices seem to be holding steady at around $1.89 per pound. Due to health issues, travels and deaths in the family, I finished my fall harvesting November 11. Now to clean-up the equipment, make sure the supers are stored properly with moth crystals and get ready for winter. Speaking of winter, varroa treatments should already be completed, colony honey stores evaluated, winter feeding program developed and plans for next year’s increases finalized. And who said beekeeping was only a summer hobby/business. And as we all have said in the past, “There is always next year.”

I also want to put a plug in for the American Beekeeping Federation annual convention to be held in Reno, Nevada. The dates are January 9-013 at the Grand Sierra Resort. There will be speakers covering subjects of interest to all levels of beekeepers. There will be several vendors showing their products from across the country and around the world. The AHPA (American Honey

Producers association) will also be holding their annual convention in San Diego, California January 9-13. And again, there will be subjects covered for all level of beekeeping and plenty of vendors selling their wares.

Moving back to our LBA convention, I want to encourage everyone to attend the annual membership meeting. This is your opportunity to cast your vote for the officers of the association, elect board members, talk about resolutions to work on in the upcoming year and to voice concerns you might have that the state organization can help with. Remember, as an LBA member, this is your association. Help us help you and make this an association that works for all the states beekeepers, educates the public and makes us proud of what we accomplish in the beekeeping world.

In ending, I am asking for blessings for all of you as we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. May you have safe travels, plenty of food and family time together and remember why we celebrate this time of year. May you be thankful for what the founding fathers did when they sat down and put this country together with our constitution and all the freedoms that we have today. The freedom of religion, to worship or not as we chose, is one of our greatest gifts. The birth, death and resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest gift for all. He is the reason for the season. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

There are several bee clubs scattered throughout the state. Tables listing the LBA board members and the various bee clubs in the state are posted at the LBA website ( Join your local club and get involved. Help us help our fellow beekeepers be the best stewards of this valuable resource and produce the best honey in the world.

God bless you and your family. Randy Fair,, 1-318-588-2899
Randy Fair,, 1-318-588-2899

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