Louisiana State Fair Honey Competition

The State Fair of Louisiana is coming and it is time to get your honey ready for the Honey Competition. This year has been filled with ups and downs with the bees. Some areas had too much rain while others were just looking for a bit more to help their honey flows.
With the state fair competition just around the corner we are looking for participates around the state to enter three one pound jars to compete for a blue ribbon. Winning in not everything but, if you do you will be rewarded with a cash prize for honey’s placing in the top three for all three classes. Thanks to Bernard’s Acadian Honey and Hummer & Son Honey Farm for the increase in the premium. You can enter three jars of honey for light, amber, and dark. You can get all the rules at the Louisiana State Fair Honey Competition. This event does not only benefit the beekeepers but all the attendants of the fair.
The honey is displayed in the Agriculture Building for everyone to see. We are fortunate to have prime placement of our hard work for everyone to see. This is a chance for the general public to see the different colors of honey we produce in the state.

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