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At this writing, it is Tuesday, March 20, 2018, the first day of spring in the U.S.A.  This March is more like the March’s we used to have:  windy days interspersed with scattered thunderstorms and more and more sunny days.  Nights are cool and the days often make it into the 60’s and 70”s.  One of the best times of the year!  Floral sources are popping up everywhere.  The bees have been actively bringing in pollen since mid-February and now they are starting to bring in nectar.  I can’t say that the honey flow is on just yet but if we start getting warmer nights I imagine the flow will kick in.  There are an awful lot of floral sources coming on line.

In my hives the drones have been popping up since early March.  The last three weeks I’ve had queen cell development in a few of my hives so I’ve initiated spits and nuc development.  One of my hives gave me four new queens!  Then I reared an additional 5 from that hive once more!  I need to create several more as I’ve a half dozen orders for nucs and I need to plan on replacing many of my queens sometime in June.  At least two hives will need new queens within the next month as their queens are showing signs of failing.

Last Saturday, March 14, the CENLA Bee Club held a field day where we came together to create about 600+ oxalic acid/glycerin treated blue shop towels.  Please see the article below for my comments regarding what needed improvement and what worked well for us, the recipe used and photos.

With this letter,

  • The CENLA Bee Club’s Oxalic Acid Field Day
  • A letter to the editor – Comments regarding Neonicotinoids
  • Ideas for Beekeeping Meetings – by Keith Hawkins
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