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The latest edition of the BBB (Bayou Bee Bulletin) is now available on the newsletter page of our website. Keep reading for an update from Tim Haley, our newsletter editor…

For this beekeeper, your BBB editor, the 2017 spring honey flow was lackluster as well.  Some beekeepers in CENLA reported a good harvest but out of 17 hives I manage, I only saw three out of the bunch doing much.  In addition to the lackluster harvest, due to the weekly rains, I wasn’t able to drive to my hives and harvest until the first week of July – a month behind when I normally harvest.  The honey in the supers showed the change-over from spring to summer honeys as well:  our spring honey is more golden yellow while the summer and fall are more amber-colored.  The supers placed on the hives in June had the amber-colored honeys in them.

CENLA had rains every week and I’m sure there were some low areas that flooded.  The bees kept working however and I’ve received swarm calls right through June – a bit later than I expected.   Normally such calls taper off by June.

The Annual Convention Committee has also been busy planning the 2017 convention for this December and we are already making plans for 2018. This year’s convention is to be held in Pineville, Louisiana with the 2018 convention to be held in the Lake Charles area. I will present more on this following the Baton Rouge Field Day in October.

With this letter, I am continuing a section that talks to “A Year in the Life of a Beekeeper – My personal view”.  This BBB# 4 encompasses January – August.  In addition I am sharing articles regarding $ for LSU entomologist’s study on honeybee stress, national honeybee losses, man’s love with the bees going back 40,000 years, tart cherry pollination in the lake states and hobby beekeeping in Louisiana. Enjoy.

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