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$20.00 Family Membership

$20.00 Family Membership

Membership in the Louisiana Beekeepers Association (LBA) is a privilege, but more importantly, an obligation. Louisiana beekeepers can only help themselves and their industry by participating in the dialogue that sets our state’s beekeeping policies. Anchored in a rich tradition of service, the LBA has always promoted a healthy, productive beekeeping industry. This can only be accomplished through a strong state beekeeping organization. To accomplish this we need the help of more beekeepers. Our memberships have almost doubled over the last two years and growing, but still consists of less than 50% of the state’s beekeepers. We have to continue to mobilize if we are to remain an effective voice for all Louisiana beekeepers.

You can help us and help yourself by joining the LBA today. Equally importantly you can recruit other beekeepers to join the LBA! To help increase our membership we are continuing our “MEMBER GET A MEMBER CAMPAIGN.” Simply talk to fellow beekeepers about their participation in their state beekeeping association through membership. In addition, ask their assistance and support in recruiting other LBA members. There is strength in numbers and if the LBA is to be the beekeepers’ voice we need a large membership.

Our membership mail in application click here contains a referral blank to be used to list the member that recruited the new member to join the LBA. If you purchase your membership here on line (see below), when checking out please include the name of the person who referred you in the area provided. An award awaits three individuals (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) that enlist the most new members in 2017. The award will be presented at our annual convention, which will be held the first weekend in December. Please feel free to contact any officer or board member if you need more information on promoting membership in the LBA.

Thank you for your support,
David Ferguson
LBA Membership Chairman

Rules for the "Member Get A Member Campaign"

1. Each year the contest start date is November 1st, continuing through the next calendar year to the contest end date of October 31st.

2. 1st place: Plaque and $50.00 check. 2nd place: Ribbon and $25.00 check. 3rd place: Ribbon and $10.00 check. The local club in which the first place winner is a member will win a one year associate membership valued at $25.00

3. The winners will be contacted before the convention by the "Member Get A Member Campaign" chairman in order to see if they will be attending the convention. If they will not be attending, for whatever reason, their award will be sent home with a person of their choice. It is up to the winners to make these arrangements.

4. LBA officers and board members can participate in the contest, but cannot win the contest.